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Authors, however, often find them to be tense, angst-filled meetings in which only the most confident can easily put their best foot forward.Stressful for Authors and Agents "On several occasions at conferences," says Folio Literary Management's Jeff Kleinman, "someone sits down across from me, we introduce ourselves, and then the writer on the other side of the table bursts into tears.

Pitch sessions are a staple at most writers conferences, offering authors the opportunity to sit down face-to-face with literary agents to talk about their projects.The dating site is available on both web browsers and as an app download for mobile devices.Ramsey plans to take his connection portal to the next level by hosting live dating-centered events.Enticed by the prospect of meeting 30 or 40 literary agents in a single day, hopeful authors spend hundreds of dollars to attend.Because such conferences attract large crowds of registrants, it's easy to see why organizers love pitch sessions.

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The Palm Beach County resident says he created Pursue Dating as a way to heal the black community and reestablish the dynamics of the black family.

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