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It is not known yet who Stause’s character will be interacting with in Genoa City, but many viewers would bet that she will she become a threat to Adam and Chelsea’s marriage.Bethany is said to be “a young woman who relishes the chance to push things to the limit and live dangerously as long as she’s not the one who gets burned.” Stause’s new character apparently is quite the wild child, and Bethany will find herself wrapped up in one key family’s drama.Viewers are betting that some fun scenes are on the way, given these real-life relationships.It did not take long for both Justin and Missy to share their excitement over this .Banks of powdery flower petals outlined the aisle that led to a chuppah of natural branches.soon, and viewers will be quite curious to see what she plans to do during her time in Genoa City.When Egan shared the news via Twitter, Chrishell replied that she and Missy had been reunited, and it felt so good. The actor told the press that he and fiancee Chrishell Stause hadn't yet set a wedding date, and added, "It just happened. It was my right knee, and I was lucky enough to have her say, ‘yes'.

“With three different event areas, we really took our guests on a journey that day. ” The first of the event spaces was a stunning waterfront bluff overlooking the ocean.

“I can’t buy a T-shirt without spending hours second-guessing, but when it came to Missy, there was no question in my mind.” Stepping out of character and into her own wedding was something Melissa Claire Egan was excited to do.

“I’ve been married about nine times on television,” says the veteran actress of two popular daytime soap operas.

“I wanted [our] wedding to feel ethereal and look very rustic-chic,” explains Melissa.

To that end, she commissioned invitations that were bound with lace and twine, and located a pastoral, ranch-style property that both she and Matt fell in love with on sight.

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