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The Darwin Core today is broader in scope and more versatile.It is meant to provide a stable standard reference for sharing information on biological diversity.The Simple Darwin Core [SIMPLEDWC] is a specification for one particular way to use the terms - to share data about taxa and their occurrences in a simply structured way - and is probably what is meant if someone suggests to "format your data according to the Darwin Core".Motivation: The Darwin Core standard was originally conceived to facilitate the discovery, retrieval, and integration of information about modern biological specimens, their spatiotemporal occurrence, and their supporting evidence housed in collections (physical or digital).

Many contend that group-level selection is not needed to explain altruism, but Wilson believes that it is this process that has made humans a profoundly social species, the bees of the primate order.

A republication of the book in 1905 introduced the title The Voyage of the "Beagle", by which it is now best known.

The Beagle sailed from Plymouth Sound on 27 December 1831 under the command of Captain Robert Fitz Roy.

“ Hymowitz is arguing that the culture is failing young men in an important way, and it’s doing so by abandoning certain cultural values and the depth and wisdom those values sustain. Addition: Emily Yoffee at Slate picks up on the same idea: adandoning the institution of marriage does have consequences for all of us.

Question: Are you willing to get back into bed with organized religion for social stability?

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“If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed, which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications, my theory would absolutely break down. Two years later, Charles Darwin became a student at Christ's College in Cambridge.

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