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The moment reminded me of an episode of one of my favorite TV shows called “Rhoda,” from back in the late 1970s (yeah, way back in the last century).

Kenneth Hammonds takes a look at changes to modern Christian marriage vows. We are soon to celebrate 42 years as husband and wife.

(and by the way, I rarely miss a day telling her so).

How many seminars, church sit-ins, counseling sessions and peer discussions about fornication, sexual morality prior to marriage, finding the one for you, and the length of time that it will take to marry have you had in the last few months? Traditional wedding vows, then are the set of solemn promises that each member of a married couple makes to the other on their wedding day. This source of very traditional wedding vows dates back to 1662. Non-Denominational Traditional Wedding Vows The words that many of us are familiar with that start off a traditional wedding ceremony, being, “”Dearly beloved, we are gathered together here in the sight of God, and in the face of this congregation, to join together this Man and this Woman in holy matrimony” can be found in the Anglican Book of Common Prayer." By reason of their state in life and of their order, [Christian spouses] have their own special gifts in the People of God."This grace proper to the sacrament of Matrimony is intended to perfect the couple's love and to strengthen their indissoluble unity.

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Viewed by more than 52 million people, the episode was a touching TV moment.

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