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Ms Cousins' British partner Nick Cousins, 58, had earlier been released on bail and has not yet been charged.Mr Cousins is the managing director of the Hong Kong office of multinational insurance firm Jardine Lloyd Thompson.I have to shoulder my own liability, and I’m willing to be punished.” Gui was a staff member at Mighty Current Publishing, which owns Causeway Bay Bookstore.

Herminia Garcia, a 53-year-old Philippine national also known as Grace Cousins, was detained after her eldest daughter Blanca Cousins, 15, fell to her death from a smart apartment building in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

A group of friends like to play the game of "truth or dare".

Since all 5 boys said they like Shuk a year ago, they became enemies and Ken even disappeared.

“Returning to the Chinese mainland and surrendering was my personal choice and had nothing to do with anyone else.

I should shoulder my responsibility and I don’t want any individual or institutions to interfere, or viciously hype up my return,” Gui said.

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