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I met his family as a friend, and they loved me, so I’m sure my being Jewish and all the troubles that come with that are the only reasons why he breaks up with me.Until I left Israel, we treated each other very well, and even after the break up, we know what qualities we want to look for in our marriage partners because we were so compatible – except that I am a gentile.There has been much talk about Yitta Halberstam’s Jewish Press article about the crisis of shidduch dating.That such a crisis exists is nothing new, as psychologist Michael J. What is new about Halberstam’s article is the suggestion that women would get more dates if they made themselves more attractive through make-up or even surgery.

Many couples like us probably started off not realising that tragedies don’t have to start with bad intentions like “shiksas are for practice”. The hurt can be very very real if you have found the best partner you’ve had and these things come in the way.Dear Shragi, I have been following your blog since my orthodox Jewish ex-boyfriend dated me, and with all the intentions to convert after reading on Judaism for months (i.e.I didnt want to convert just for him), having learnt Hebrew for months and after picking up partly keeping shabbat and kosher, and going to Israel to visit him for some time, he dumps me saying that he doesn’t think he wants to go through all the trouble of conversion and marriage registration outside of Israel with me after learning the details of how that could be done. However, half a year ago, when I was skeptical about starting a relationship with him, he was encouraging saying we should give ourselves a chance.With the proliferation of Jewish dating sites, you can easily hook up with other Jewish singles for a nice conversation, a fun relationship, or even marriage.We've sifted through the Jewish dating sites and have found the ones that best help you find whatever, and whomever, your heart desires.

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There are also resources for helping Jews practice their religion, and tools for learning about Hebrew, Yiddish and other Jewish languages.

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