Good friends before dating

Dopamine, found in the brains of people who are addicted, is also involved. The level found in lovers is the same as that found in people experiencing obsessive compulsion.

No wonder partners both obsess about the loved one and idealize the person. I’m saying I’ve got the secret for having your cake and eating it, too.

That being said – I have my own thoughts and opinions on the concept of men and women being able to be ‘just friends’ with each other with no tension or desire for something more. Whether or not men and women can be just friends should not separate the two concepts altogether.

In fact, the chemistry mimics the high of addiction.

Your brain chemistry is actually different when you fall in love than all the rest of your life.

In a poll conducted for the women’s website, 83% of female participants believed that a purely platonic friendship could exist between men and women.

But, when probed further, one third said they secretly lusted after their male friends.

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I get a good amount of emails, texts, DM’s and Facebook messages from people asking me to address their specific relationship issues on this blog, and since I use to answer a lot of questions on here back in the day, I figured there is no time like the present to revisit answering relationship questions.

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