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South-African born Anna Karen played dowdy Olive in the series.

Now 78 and a widow, she lives in Essex and has a grown-up stepdaughter.“I’d always wanted to act.

“But playing Olive for over four years was my big break.

I was appearing as a character called Maude in the comedy Wild, Wild Women when I got the part in On The Buses.

But with this hushed and bewitching 27 minute song-cycle, the former child actor Will Oldham laid the foundations of a canon which now rivals Bob Dylan's. The Shangri-Las - Teen Anguish Vol II (1980) The Girls Aloud of their day, and then some, these two sets of New York sisters had their own Xenomania production team in the enigmatic shape of George 'Shadow' Morton (the Phil Spector it's OK still to like).

Born in Yazoo County, Mississippi on April 23, 1938 to T. He later transferred to the MFC Services in Madison to manage the seed department.

“Both shows were written by Ronald Chesney and Ronald Wolfe, who happened to be at rehearsals for Wild, Wild Women when I arrived one morning suffering from flu.

I felt and looked dreadful but they said I was ideal for Olive. But I sympathised with her because if you look like that you’re going to be desperate. The writers wanted her to look a mess so I didn’t wear make-up, wore a wig that made my head look flat and had padding around my stomach to look plump.

Seriously, this scene alone should be preserved in a time capsule.

With their blown-straight hair, Cleopatra eyes and lip gloss so thick you can't help wiping your own mouth occasionally while watching, these gals are the poster children for reality chic. A., anything is possible," Jo intones, widening her eyes to denote seriousness as we imagine some poorly paid screenwriter wringing his hands -- how ever did it come to this?

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