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For almost 200 years life at Versailles was something of a sexual free for all, according to National Gallery of Australia director Gerard Vaughan.

A parade of mistresses came and went, serving at the pleasure of the king, so to speak.

Besides being for free there are many benefits to neutering your dog.

A devastatingly pretty young woman who was mistress to a dying king, once Louis died in 1774 she was was packed off to a convent and eventually executed during the French Revolution.

caught up with writer/director Gillian Robespierre and writer/producer Liz Holm shortly after their Sundance premiere to talk about their creative process and the moment they decided to quit their day jobs.

A Wollongong psychologist, who counselled a patient with an alcohol problem, went on to have an inappropriate relationship with him involving sex and getting drunk.

Sunday, February 12, 3-4pm, limited tickets available at the door.

It’s hard enough to wrap your mind around the fact that your parents have had sex.

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