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They help us with our everyday assignments so we can focus on what we excel at.

Since we’re living in the season of availability, we’re associated with our most adored hotshots by means of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

The Expert Personal Shopper (XPS) is a dialogue-based product-recommendation platform developed by Fluid that uses IBM’s Watson cognitive computing system to personalize the customer experience and improve product discovery. It’s all about setting expectations with the users from the first moment of interaction.

XPS uses natural language to interact with and provide personalized shopping experiences for customers. One direction that hasn’t been unearthed yet is how do bots and digital strategies fit in together.

Dispatcher is recently yet another stage where more than 1 Billion fans respond with superstars, the same number of stars are getting messages from their fans through Messenger.

By the time Mazurenko finished college and moved back to Moscow in 2007, Russia had become newly prosperous.

A range of companies are betting that the convergence of messaging platforms, chatbots and increasingly powerful artificial intelligence will lead to the creation of a more natural interface between machines and humans. We imagine them to be wickedly intelligent, like Samantha from the movie Her. On Tuesday, a team of scientists from Microsoft Research Asia, Microsoft’s research lab in Beijing, China, announced the public release of technology designed to help computers conceptualize in a humanlike fashion.

They are so hopeless that some people argue that bots would be better without conversation. In my previous post I described why most bots tend to over-promise and sometimes make for a disappointing experience.

Average in height, with a mop of chestnut hair, he is almost always smiling.

As a teen he sought out adventure: he participated in political demonstrations against the ruling party and, at 16, started traveling abroad.

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